Barcelona is a easily one of my favorite places to relax and slow down after months of being pressured to meet impossibly strict deadlines. There’s plenty of stunning architecture to explore thanks to famed architect, Antoni Gaudi and many scenic viewpoints to just bask in the glory that is the wonderful weather and lively culture. Sagrada … Continue reading Barcelona

Milan | Duomo

Being the materialistic person I am, I loved the area surrounding the Duomo for the unlimited number of shops. Whenever I wanted to take a moment to breathe by myself, I escaped from my classmates and headed over to the Duomo stop on the red metro line. What better way to experience one of the … Continue reading Milan | Duomo

Rosy Retrospection?

Moments seem so much better when talking about them in retrospect. Yesterday morning, my class had to meet up at Cadorna Station in Milan at 3:30pm to visit La Triennale di Milano (a design museum). At 1pm, my roommate, a classmate and I left at one and decided to explore the area around the station before … Continue reading Rosy Retrospection?

The Cost of Cheap

My mother told to splurge a little on long flights. “You’re going to be there for a long time. You should be comfortable.” Of course, being the person I am, I ignored my mother’s advice and booked the cheapest economy flight to Milan with reasonable times. I felt like I was spending so much of … Continue reading The Cost of Cheap