At the end of the day, I begin and end where the impact of my actions lies in other people. While I cannot say for sure how I have imparted parts of myself onto others, I can begin by showing you a bit about who I am by explaining how others have shaped me.

My father gave me his terrible sense of humor, wide feet, stubbornly straight hair, a love for NPR, a few pieces of wise advice and all of his old (and sometimes new) camera equipment.

From my mother, I inherited a habit of collecting the beautiful, a pair of intensely wrinkled hands, a strange sense of joy from watching people go through the phases of confusion, a sense of duty to my community, and a need to share stories (no matter how pointless they seem).

My sister showed me most of VH1’s late night music video countdowns, the light in dark humor, how fun dressing up can be, and how important it is to respect myself.

My brother taught me how to make any boring activity into a game, wake up seconds before his alarm goes off, question the validity of everything, and familiarize myself with my limits of my abilities.

My friends are my supply of singing partners that accompany my uncomplicated strums of my guitar, of unaware candid photography subjects, of ears to complain to, and of endless laughter and support.


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