Milan | Porta Genova

Porta Genova was my first destination in Milan. Immediately coming out of the metro station, I was struck by the beauty that was the string lights zig zagging above the streets, warming up the bustling, authentic restaurants. A bit further down the street I admired the Navigli Canals that ran through the area.

Canal at Porta Genova

Porta Genova’s charm lies in the dichotomy of its old architecture and cobblestone streets juxtaposed to the forward thinking concept stores and thriving art scene. This is where the young locals come to hang out in the evening, with good reason too! The food around Porta Genova is consistently delicious, the fashion is cutting edge and the atmosphere is buzzing with life. Here is where I found my favorite gelateria in Milan and food market.

Dogs everywhereGelato Artigianale – 15 Via Vigevano
My favorite gelato shop is based solely on the fact that this gelateria has the most amazing, creamy rose gelato. The other flavors are creamy and well made too but the rose is to die for. It was the first and last gelato I had in Milan and I was so relieved to have found it again on my last day here. The name was generic and the shop was virtually unsearchable on the internet so my mission here is to finally give it an internet presence.

Best Rose Gelato

Gelato Shop

Mercato Metropolitano – Via Valenza, 2
What was once a train station warehouse now turned into a foodies’ dream, this place is the perfect place to grab a bite if you have a bit more to spend. The Mercato Metropolitano is a new development (it only opened May of 2015) meant to revive the train station area. It used to be a neglected area but it became an upscale, hipstery, youthful place to hang out ( a familiar concept nowadays). The food is absolutely delicious, fresh and of the highest quality.

Mercato Metropolitano

By the bread shop

Concept Stores 

Milan is littered with cool shops with very exclusive high end fashion and near Porta Genova is no exception. One of the most memorable stores we took on our fashion tour was to Nonostante Marras (Via Cola di Rienzo 8), a one part art gallery one part showroom hybrid tucked away in a courtyard. The store used to be located in a busier shopping street in Milan but was then located to a hidden spot so only those who were in the know could use it as a meeting up for other creatives. The showroom not only exhibits Antonio Marras’s conversation starting fashion pieces, but the store routinely has art exhibits woven into the magical space. When I visited in late June, the store had a bread themed exhibit showing off photographs, sculptures, poetry and more.

Nonostante Marras

The office space for Nonostante Marras

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
Concept store in Milan

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