Why I Travel

Today marks day one of part three of my Europe travels this summer. Part one was a class trip to London and the second part was a short holiday in Barcelona spent with my friends. Today, I board my flight to Milan. That is, if United doesn’t further delay my plane ride.

I decided that I would dedicate this summer to traveling seeing that I will likely be working at internships the following summers and the exchange rate for euros is exceptionally stellar this year. Plus, I don’t have the option to do a semester abroad so this summer is my pseudo study abroad.

So why do I travel?

The short answer is because I can. AirportI have been incredibly blessed with the option to travel somewhere when I decide I want to. I want to first recognize that not everybody has the ability to do such a thing and I only really have my parents to thank for being so willing to spend the money to send me across the world not once but twice this summer.

Traveling to another country, one with a different culture, language, and way of thinking, is essentially an educational experience. Not only do I learn about other people but I am inherently forced to compare it to what my previous experiences from home or elsewhere. If I didn’t go to London before Barcelona, I would not have appreciated the warm weather and colorful clothing the same way. Had I never attempted to read street signs in Barcelona, I would not know how wonderfully readable and apparent streets signs are in California. Basically, I don’t travel to escape my home; I travel to better understand it.

That was my long winded way for saying thank you to my parents and assuring my friends that though I complain a lot, I am not trying to leave you at all.


One thought on “Why I Travel

  1. love this. Travel really is an educational experience. Not just about the world around us, people we meet but an opportunity to learn about ourselves


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